Case Management

What is a case manager?

A case manager is a professional who coordinates an integrated plan of care in order to meet the health needs of an individual with impairments or chronic illness. A case manager may come from a range of professional backgrounds including nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, social work or other professional field.Individuals who practice as case managers are regulated through registration with their professional bodies. The case manager is responsible for completing plans of care and organising recommended rehabilitation programmes. The case managers role is focused on increasing independence and maximising an individuals potential. All the aspects of the clients life would be included into plans of care, these include the medical, educational, vocational, rehabilitation, and psycho-social issues for an individual with a brain injury.

Brain Injury Wales is a professional service offering independent case management to people who have suffered a brain injury. The service offers a holistic client focussed approach to case management based on the principles of Neurological Rehabilitation. Brain Injury Wales is an independent brain injury case management service and can offer the following:

  • Assessment by suitably qualified and experienced professionals
  • Written rehabilitation and care plans
  • Goal plans and regular reviews
  • Updated reports on clients progress

The client remains the focus throughout the process and all assessments are completed in the clients home environment. Empowerment is the key component of Brain Injury Wales - the principles of which are based on a 'can do' approach. Clients are encouraged to develop a partnership relationship with their case manager, which in turn encourages maximum participation to achieve goals. For further information, contact us